Eranove is committed to improving access to electricity in Côte d’Ivoire

Around 558 million people, or 50% of Africans, have no access to electricity in sub-Saharan Africa.

Large swathes of the population have low, seasonal or irregular income, very often dependant on the agricultural sector or informal jobs. Their savings capacity is too low to finance connection to a power supply (which varies in cost depending on the country, but is generally around €150), and plan ahead for bi-monthly or quarterly bill payment.

To tackle the challenge of access to electricity and improve both living standards and the customer experience, Eranove is invested in African growth.

Led by the Ministry of Petroleum, Energy and Renewable Energies, the Programme Électricité Pour Tous (PEPT, Electricity for All Programme), run by the Compagnie Ivoirienne d’Electricité (CIE), a company belonging to the pan-African industrial platform Eranove, connected 768,000 households (around 4 million people) to electricity supply since its launch in 2014.

As part of the programme, CIE employees on the ground travel around the villages and districts in Côte d’Ivoire to supply indoor installation kits and set up subscription connections to enable the populations to benefit from modern electricity services.

To reach the ambitious goal of providing lighting to every household in Côte d’Ivoire by 2030, the PEPT combines energy efficiency (by installing energy-saving light bulbs) and technological and operational efficiency by installing prepaid smart meters, which can be topped up starting at €0.76 (500 FCFA).

Thanks to the simplification of the device and its innovative financial design mechanism which works by setting up payment in installments based on energy use, the PEPT offers connection to power supply and home installation by removing the main barriers to access, which enables the most disadvantaged communities to access electricity.