The ChangeNOW Summit, an international gathering of entrepreneurs working to build a better world, was held at the Grand Palais in Paris on 30, 31 January and 1 February.

Stéphanie Rivoal, Secretary General of the Africa-France 2020 Summit, took part in the round table “Women action and impact”, presented by Michèle SABBAN, President of R20 – Regions of Climate Action France, alongside Elmy BERMEJO, President of the San Francisco Commission on the Environment and Dr Reina CAMACHO TORO, Mentor of the Homeward Bound programme.


Stéphanie Rivoal presented the entrepreneurial initiatives she had witnessed in Africa.

The continent, which holds the record for the highest number of women entrepreneurs in the world, is seeing the engagement of women at the city level accelerate the transition locally.

Whether they are behind sustainable and innovative initiatives, at the head of a city, a ministry, a company, an association, or even a state, they advocate for change and promote the development of African countries.

Sustainable development of cities and territories is needed to face the current challenges inAfrica, such as its growing population and vast urbanization. Future cities will need to be socially inclusive and economically productive, while being ecologically resilient. Women today are play a central role in the innovations needed for these changes.

Today, we needed to foster and encourage the development of these women’s initiatives, whose various actions have a significant impact on the progress and transformations needed on the African continent. Some of these initiatives will be highlighted at the 2020 Africa-France Summit, to be held in Bordeaux on 4, 5 and 6 June 2020.