I am an investor or a foundation

Support the projects of tomorrow:

Invest in a pool of talents, projects and new solutions to create the cities of the future, while benefiting from the presence of the parties that will buy and develop them in Africa.

  • Identify promising companies, start-ups and projects from all over Africa
  • Meet clients or future clients from all over Africa
  • Share and promote your financing solutions and standout projects to develop African cities
  • Discuss and propose co-financing solutions

Why become a donor?

  •  Mobilise public and private SDG funding to implement sustainable city solutions and to protect the most vulnerable from the negative impacts of rapid urbanisation
  • Support the most innovative and effective technical and technological solutions to build the economic model for a fair and sustainable urban transition
  • Share responsibility for implementing commitments between all stakeholders, such as governments, cities, regions, companies, banks and citizens