Project financers

Supporting tomorrow’s projects

Support or invest in future talents, projects and innovative solutions to create the cities of tomorrow. Take advantage of the presence of government, regional and city decisionmakers who will partner with the private sector to further development on the African continent.


  • Identify companies, start-ups, and promising and innovative projects from all accross the African continent.
  • Initiate new strategic and financial partnerships across the continent and generates business meetings relevant to your activities.
  • Bring, share and promote your solutions and your most effective projects that are building a new economic model for a sustainable urban transition.
  • Discuss and propose co-financing solutions.

Help draw up the 2020 Africa-France Summit Roadmap

RAISE private funds for the SDGs; set ambitious targets for development banks and agencies.

ENCOURAGE cities to make ambitious commitments to drive investment in renewable energy, zero emission buildings and zero waste, etc.

PROVIDE cities with financing and technical assistance to secure private and international investments for the transition towards sustainable cities.

INCREASE investment in sustainable infrastructure (particularly in Africa) needed to build cities with better air quality and connectivity, ecosystems that are strong and resilient and energy systems that can mitigate the effects of climate change.

BUILD coalitions with a global network of leading banks, investment funds, energy producers and leading technology companies to invest in breakthrough technology.

DESIGN practical tools for government to fulfil their social and environmental commitments within their budget and policy frameworks.