The Summit

An ambitious Summit to work towards sustainable cities and regions in Africa

The 28th Africa-France Summit will be held in Bordeaux 4, 5 and 6 June 2020. A variety of political and economic stakeholders from France and Africa will come together to discuss current projects and solutions so that we can start building the sustainable African cities and regions of the future.

54Heads of State or Government

2,000French and international journalists invited

500African and French companies

50+solid commitments

Sustainable cities: a crucial issue

The decision to make sustainable cities the focus of the 2020 Africa-France Summit is a unique opportunity to celebrate the success already achieved in French and African cities and lay the groundwork for their future progress for everyone’s mutual benefit.

The Summit is first and foremost a political event, with over 50 Heads of State in attendance and a strong economic and environmental aspect:

  • Political, because sustainable development is essential to eliminate inequalities in cities and slow the north-south migratory phenomenon while contributing to stability and peace across the African continent;
  • Economic, because cities are now the main driver of growth;
  • Environmental, because we must restore the balance between people, cities and nature, as cities produce 70% of all greenhouse gas emissions.

The stakeholders at this Summit will be part of the action and therefore able to implement tangible political, economic, budgetary and environmental measures and solutions.

World-class contributors

Executives, company directors and inspiring figures from civil society, politics, culture and sport will come from all over the world to present new initiatives and tangible solutions to spark new ideas and commitments to sustainable cities in Africa.

The conference programme and list of confirmed participants will be available very soon.

For the first time, this official Summit will offer special access to the City of Solutions for its corporate partners.