The City of Solutions

A space to highlight projects and initiatives for sustainable cities and regions

The City of Solutions is a model city that will bring together economic stakeholders, civil society and public authorities that want to get involved with and invest in the sustainable cities and regions of the future.

Not just a trade fair — a city within a city

At the Parc des Expositions in Bordeaux, almost 500 companies from France and Africa with forward-looking projects will present their expertise, tangible solutions and visions for the environment, energy, transport, healthcare, education, finance, research, safety, resources, agriculture, sport and other subjects.

Seven districts, divided by theme, to create the city of the future together

The City of Solutions was designed as a 360° view of a city, structured around seven themed districts.

A sustainable city must be open and protect its residents, facilitate mobility, attract talent, provide all modern comforts, safeguard the environment, promote diversity and cultural differences, generate jobs, offer a wide variety of leisure activities, innovate, preserve its heritage, guarantee civil liberties, ensure safety, and centralize opportunities that create a ripple effect on the wider region.

Just like in a real city, where traffic flows are organized so that users do not all have to take the same routes, visitors will be able to move freely around the City of Solutions and diverge from the main paths that set out the different themed districts, and which will be criss-crossed by streets with squares, parks and leisure areas.

Spaces to exchange ideas and bring people together

The City of Solutions will present the latest technological innovations, but pride of place will go to the most important stakeholder in the sustainable city — its residents.

Squares in the centre of the themed districts will be used as places for debates and round tables on a variety of topics, including public service concessions, public-private partnerships, new public consultation methods, eco-districts, diversity, smart cities, High Quality Environmental standard-certified architecture and buildings, horizontal and vertical development, and more.

Visitors will also find food trucks offering modern urban cuisine, pop-up stores, entertainment, street performances and sports activities.

An unmissable opportunity to meet important decision-makers and stakeholders from 54 countries.

  • Companies (50% from Africa): CEOs and managing directors, directors of African business units and CSR managers.
  • Project’s owners
  • Foundations, donors and the financial community
  • NGOs and civil society
  • Mayors and local authorities
  • Trade visitors (Thursday, 4 June and Friday, 5 June)

They trust us