I am a member of the civil society

These future “city-states” by the size of their populations, “global cities” by the diversity of populations and “gatewey cities” by the extensive flows of people, ideas, goods, wealth, and cultures that cross, oblige all stakeholders to build new forms of cooperation.

The challenge of citizen innovations: The summit must strengthen the existing links with the general public. Although the general guidelines must be laid down by governments, their implementation on a daily basis is often the business of individual initiatives and innovations.

Inclusive, this summit calls for concrete and shared responses through the participation of new players, eager to create value on the African continent and to support the structural transformations at work on the continent with a view to joint and sustainable development.


I am a project holder

The Summit will be a unique opportunity to champion and showcase your public and private projects and to attract the attention of the right people to bring them to life.