From Egypt to Morocco and from Senegal to South Africa, Africa is central to Citroën’s international sales drive which has seen growth of 25% in 2019, largely generated by new partners.

Citroën and Africa go back a long way: almost 100 years.

After founding the brand in 1919, André Citroën set himself an incredible challenge in 1922: cross the Sahara by automobile for the first time. As a prelude to the Citroën rally raids or “Cruises” that were to come, this pioneering exploit received global attention and was the precursor of modern car rallies. Building on this proud history, Citroën will celebrate the centenary of that amazing expedition in 2022, repeating the exploit with an electric car, in a project entitled “Ë.PIC”.

On trend with 21st century issues, this new, daring challenge will cast an incredible spotlight on Africa, sending a message of sustainable, responsible and accessible transport everywhere and for everyone. This ethos is dear to Citroën and illustrated by its “Inspired by You” signature and its two major electric technologies: 100% electric and rechargeable hybrid motors.

The starting shot for this electric drive comes in 2020, with the launch of the new C5 Aircross Hybrid, Citroën’s first rechargeable hybrid. All new Citroën models from now on will have an electric version, with 100% of the range covered by 2025.