Iveco Bus

The Secretariat General is pleased to announce that IVECO has made official its participation at the Africa-France 2020 Summit as a Privileged Partner.

The Secretariat General is delighted to cooperate with IVECO, whose involvement and expertise in the area of transport align with the Summit’s inherent sustainable development aims.

As a technological leader, IVECO has been committed to sustainable transport across all markets for many years. By developing and offering many alternatives to diesel (hybrid, NGV, electric), IVECO has become one of the manufacturers with the largest available range to help make transport solutions more sustainable.

IVECO is convinced that this necessary energy transition, often limited to developed countries, can and must also take place in developing countries, and in particular in Africa, where a range of varying qualities of diesel require the use of Euro III standard vehicles, far behind the current Euro IV standard in European countries.

Vehicles that run on natural gas and biogas are a viable solution for the countries that have this resource available. Gas and biogas help improve air quality, by reducing nitrogen oxide and particle emissions, mitigate the effect of climate warming by reducing CO2, and also reduce noise pollution by 50%.

The NGV solution is therefore a suitable answer to green transport needs in Africa. Furthermore, it is a mature, tried-and-trusted technology, requires relatively little investment and infrastructure and costs the equivalent of a diesel vehicle to run. Without the restrictions of sulphur-heavy diesel, NGV technology will enable transport providers to offer their users vehicles offering innovative design, accessibility, safety, comfort and services for commuters, which will cast a necessary spotlight on this innovation for citizens, whether they use public transport or not, and ensure the project’s widespread success, as evidenced during the inauguration of the LEMERGENT project in Abidjan.

Our partnership began with the vehicle fleet renewal programme launched by the Ivorian government in 2016 (PND 2016-2020 Côte d’Ivoire). SOTRA (Abidjan Transport Company) was courageous and ambitious enough to offer an alternative solution to those traditionally offered by choosing IVECO to supply 900 buses, 100 of which run on natural gas.

This solution became a project, and two gas refuelling stations (TRACTEBEL – an ENGIE affiliate) were opened, with the aim of fuelling a fleet of more than 100 vehicles. IVECO trained SOTRA staff on maintenance for the gas vehicles, as these skills weren’t locally available. The Ivorian operator was therefore able to maintain its entire fleet independently.

IVECO also takes part in the industrial side of things in partnership with SOTRA Industries, and has set up a minibus assembly unit for private transporters. This project is underway, and the first DAILY IVOIRE locally assembled minibuses are planned for early 2020.

For IVECO, the 2020 Africa-France Summit is a unique opportunity to demonstrate to all of Africa, brought together in Bordeaux, the solution chosen and implemented by the Ivorian government for the Abidjan Transport Company.

The energy transition is necessary, and the African continent can and must aim for greener transport services. Many alternative solutions exist and may be suitable, depending on the intended uses. The gas solution, chosen by Côte d’Ivoire, is one of them, as it is economically realistic, reliable and sustainable.

IVECO therefore hopes that the City of Solutions will be the place to demonstrate this to as many people as possible.