The General Secretary for the 2020 Africa-France Summit is thrilled to announce one of its very first Strategic Partnership with Meridiam, one of France’s leading voice in the financing of sustainable projects throughout the world.

Funded by CEO Thierry Déau in 2005, Meridiam is an independent investment company specialised in the development, the financing and the management of public infrastructural projects focused on long term sustainability. All projects answer to the same missions: develop, build, modernise and manage infrastructure in the long run in order to enhance the living conditions of the populations. They concretely contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with a particular focus on the struggle against climate change, the building of resilient infrastructure and the provision of affordable and clean energy to all.

Nowadays, Meridiam is strongly implanted in Europe, North America and Africa with major infrastructural projects in three key sectors for the future of the world’s development: mobility, energetic transition and the environment.

To this day, Meridiam has invested more that 55 billion euros in 75 projects that are currently being build, completed or in a development phase.

We define ourselves as a factory of projects. Meridiam is a fund that manages 7 billion euros that we have invested around the world in ambitious projects related top sustainable infrastructure and the respect of the environment. Projects that amount for 55 billion euros in investment in three areas: mobility, social infrastructure and energy transition. We help countries and cities in addressing climatic and social challenges, as well as meeting the UN's sustainable development goals.

Thierry Déau, CEO

In 2015, Meridiam launched the Meridiam Infrastructure Africa Fund (MIAF), which today has become the first platform for new infrastructural projects. After a restructuration in 2019, the fund is nowadays 2.5 times larger than before with a budget of 546 million euros, a clear sign of the trust granted to Meridiam by investors for the future of African development.

In recent years, Meridiam distinguished itself in the field of infrastructural development with the completion of the Nouakchott commercial port in Mauritania, the construction of the Nairobi-Nakuru expressway in Kenya, the rehabilitation of the Treichville hospital in the Ivory Coast and the construction of geothermal, biomass and solar power plants in France, Senegal, Gabon and Ethiopia.

Meridiam today

Today, Meridiam finances and develops 15 large infrastructural projects on the continent that mobilise 3 billion euros of investments. Numerous pilot & pioneer developments include Senegal’s first solar project, West Africa’s first biomass plant in the Ivory Coast, Madagascar’s first PPP to modernise the country’s largest airport, the minerals port of Owendo in Gabon or the Tulu Moye geothermal plant in Ethiopia. Furthermore, decentralised solar platforms are being developed in the Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Ghana alongside Ouagadougou’s new international airport in Burkina Faso and the Kenya-Mau Summit road.