2020 Africa-France Summit, A major meeting

2020 Africa-France Summit, A major meeting (French ambassador to Morocco)

Rabat, 29/10/2019 (MAP) – The 28th edition of the Africa-France Summit, scheduled for 4 to 6 June 2020 in Bordeaux on the theme of the city and sustainable territories, is an international political, economic and cultural meeting with concrete solutions for the city and sustainable territories, said Tuesday in Rabat, Ms. Hélène Le Gal, Ambassador of France in Morocco.

Speaking at a press conference dedicated to the presentation of the specificities of this edition, Ms. Le Gal noted that this important international meeting will focus on a relevant topic that concerns not only the African Heads of State invited, but also private and public decision-makers at various levels, donors and civil society organizations in Africa and France.

“This is a meeting focused on participation, action, and achievements that aims to lead to new partnerships, especially in the economic field,” said the diplomat, putting the emphasis on the importance of this event that involves the participation of some 54 African Heads of State, 500 French and African companies, 1,000 African entrepreneurs and 15,000 sustainable city actors, all gathered to present their visions, projects and solutions allowing to address a problem common to African and French cities.

The Africa-France 2020 Summit will be an opportunity for all stakeholders in the city, both at the state level, at the levels of civil society, companies and financers, to discuss issues related sustainable territories and provide concrete solutions to the common urban problems of the African people, said in a statement to MAP, Deputy Secretary General of the Summit, Stephan Dubost.

“The sustainable city is thus a city that involves an environmental, economic and social project,” he said, drawing attention, in this wake, to issues of mobility and access to housing, education and care, which will be widely discussed at this international meeting.

Announced by French President Emmanuel Macron in Ouagadougou in 2017, the 28th edition of the Africa-France 2020 Summit will be marked by the establishment of a “Cité des Solutions”, conceived as a city with an inclusive approach to 360 degrees, organized around seven thematic neighborhoods namely “access to essential services”, “move in the city”, “feed the cities”, “live in the city”, “develop and beautify the city”, “connect the city “and” fund and structure projects “.

On the agenda of this major political meeting, which brings together African and French political and economic actors, to act and commit to the sustainable city of tomorrow, are also sporting and cultural festivities, including is showing an Africa-France football match at the Matmut Atlantique Stadium and an urban music concert at the Place des Quinconces.