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Do you have a project ?

The Africa France 2020 Summit is the ideal opportunity for you to give a broad visibility to your project. The project platform of the website is ready to welcome initiatives by French and African companies in the field of sustainable cities.

Energy, climate, water, mobility … So many topics to enhance the innovative capacity of French companies in the field, in partnership with their local African partners.

The method

Who is eligible?

  • All French and African companies, local government, member of the civil society are eligible. If they do not directly support the project, they need to be closely involved.
  • The projects will aim as much as possible to involve local public, private, associative partners, for example.

What kind of project can be submitted?

  • Innovative or transformative solutions for the benefit of citizens.
  • It can be a demonstrator highlighting a technology, a process, a method, an approach or even a service.
  • The project may involve equipment, service or a study necessary to adapt the solution.

Which sectors are concerned?

  • All sectors related to the sustainable city are concerned: water, waste / circular economy, climate, intelligent management of energy and energy efficiency, air pollution, sustainable housing, green mobility, digital, citizen mobilization, sport, culture, arts ans crafts, …

What schedule for the project?

  • No requirement in terms of duration.
  • A concrete deliverable must be able to be presented or put into perspective during the 2020Africa France summit.

In partnership with Digital Africa

Officially launched in December 2018, Digital Africa is, amongst other things, a digital platform that aims to help structure digital ecosystems in Africa and identify start-ups with high growth potential.

Incubators, fab labs, universities and corporate foundations all make up the core of the innovation ecosystem. Digital Africa supports them by providing tools to launch challenges, share news, promote their programmes and identify new recruits.