Descriptif du projet

ARTISUN is a social entreprise that works on creating a circular economy through recycling used fabric or clothes and making Tunisian handicrafts from them.

The main product that ARTISUN offers is a handmade back bag from recyclable fabric with the Tunisian design and containing a solar panel to charge small electronic devices. The idea is inspired from \ »margoum مرقوم \ » which is a carpet made by rural women in the northwest of Tunisia from used clothes since they cannot afford to buy new ones.

As I was born in a small town in the northwest, I founded ARTISUN to create job opportunities for women there and bring innovation for that concept. The product won many prizes nationally and internationally since it is the first in the market, has business attractiveness and high social impact.

The project has a vision for all Africa because each country in Africa has its unique fabric and design and we want to empower African women and use technology.