Elohay Cleaners


We are a cleaning company that offers commercial , residential and industrial cleaning services. We work with previously marginalized women that we identify , train and place on jobs. Some of the women we absorb in the cleaning company.

We have added the manufacturing component so that we can offer a comprehensive service and have competitive products on the market. We feel this can be another income stream for the company and enhance our competitiveness. Our aim is to supply the clients we already have and making sure we have products in stores.

We are also cogniscent of the environmental issues and we planning on having our products comply.


Objectives of the project is to extent our product offering and allow our company to grow.

We have been able to manufacture the products but some challenges include having enough resources for packaging , branding and comprehensive marketing. We have been able to identify some markets that we can supply detergents with and the constraints have been having a nicely packaged product.