Intensifying consumption of Orange Flesh Sweet Potato


The Eco entrepreneurs Ltd ( ECOE) ; a member of the Social Entrepreneurs Society of Kenya ( SESOK) intends to install an automated aseptic OFSP processing plant in Kisumu city to make OFSP flour plus OFSP puree as composite ingredients in confectionaries and price them at bottom-line level so that those with limited resources can afford and hence have access to Vitamin A products. By creating an assured off-take market, small scale farmers will be assured of high returns on their investment. Commonly consumed products with small units of sale like “Mandazi”, scones and bread will be produced . The OFSP flour will promoted for making porridge for children and the elderly as primary.


  •  Install a fully automated aseptic OFSP processing factory to process 0.5 tonnes of raw OFSP per day into flour and puree in Kisumu city
  • Develop recipes for OFSP products with a large consumer base in low income segment of the market in slums inhabited by 8 Million Kenyans
  • Promote consumption of OFSP confectioneries especially by children aged 6-59 months and the elderly in Kenya cities and urban areas
  • Support farmers and traders in OFSP value chain products transition to cleaner cooking fuels and stoves for improved wellbeing through reduced indoor air pollution