Descriptif du projet

MAMA-Africa is a hub for African migrants in Tunisia, Tunisians and anyone interested in knowing about Africa and networking with African people. This will be a space where these migrants can go to and do many activities and feel home.

MAMA-Africa space will provide co-working activities, meetings room, green space/garden, a fab lab, a kitchen for African cuisine, a handicrafts room, a language courses room, and more. This would allow our target to study, work, cook, surf the net, plant ,learn, create, have fun, innovate and within a comfortable, friendly, and homelike environment.

This project is under development and seeks to solve many issues of African migrants in Tunisia like lack of inclusion in the society, racism, unemployment, and other ones related to culture, language, and legal procedures. In MAMA-Africa we will provide the place and services that create job opportunities, connects African migrants with local Tunisians, ensure exposure to all African cultures, raise awareness about Africa, and be a support to our target.

We will partner with NGOs and international representations like embassies to provide inclusive opportunities and we will host events and workshops with special focus on culture and entrepreneurship. Africa has so much diversity and potential and Tunisia hosts many Africa migrants which can be an asset for socioeconomic development of this country and this is what MAMA-Africa wants to highlight.

The profits will come from membership subscription, co-working service, meetings room, consulting service, and other activities. This project has potential high turnover as well as positive social impact.