Kenya has in the recent past found itself with challenges of the youth. School dropouts, alchohol and drug abuse, crime and extremism, gender based violence, increased dyfunctional families units , and lately high increase of homicides and suicides. It is evident that is becoming a national concern and residents of Kiambu arebearing the blunt of it. In most of these vices boy child has been a perpertrotor in alarger scale.These is slowly destroying the lives of Kenya’s most valuable assest and underminessocio-economic development and the efforts of harnessing a demographic dividend.Kiambu County is among the 47 counties in Kenya, It covers an area of 2,449 km2 . It is among the top three counties with the highest rate of alcohol and drug abuse,crime,dyfunctional families e.t.c. The county is adjacent to the border of NairobiCounty( Capital City of Kenya) and has a population of 1,623,282.The National Agency of Campaign Against Drugs Abuse (Nacada) chairman stated Kiambu County spendsmillions of dollars on alcohol annually and half of adult population consume liquor.


We want to inform, empower and capacitate the boy child/Men through promoting self awareness, restoring self worth, boosting optimism, physical and mental well being through Establishment of boys and Men sports and Arts clubs.ChallengesSlow progress in implementation Cultural and religious diversitiesUnavailability of facilities and human resource.