Ufelix platform

Descriptif du projet

Ufelix platform is startup that offers logistics solutions by two smart phone applications, one for customer and the other for captain Supported by a web site and cpanel.

Ufelix platform as Agent for Shipping company:-

1. We provide Shipping Company with full control system to manage their work throw Ufelix Platform with Very little mediation ratio.

2. They can also get more shipments by using the Captain application which offers real time order and waiting order.

3. They will get all their customer orders directly throw the application and the website when their customer send the one or several order.

Ufelix company is a shipping company support SMBS, Large enterprises and shipping company with full logistics solutions (full system control, warehousing, fulfillment, and last mile delivery). Aims to serve all types of Customers, from one-time shoppers to large corporations, offers same day pickup and delivery, online collection process and full order management on mobile and web apps.

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